Martín Ansín (1977)

Martín Ansín was born in Uruguay in 1977. Lives and works in Montevideo. His best known work is the film posters produced in limited editions official for several current titles and classics. His particular style it's been working for clients such as Sony, Universal, HBO, Lucasfilm, Rolling Stone and The New Yorker and reap a legion of fans who follow his career and look forward to his version of every film that is released. 
Ansin drawing since he can remember, never was very akin to formal education and the way of learning was knowing oneself, researching styles, textures, color palettes that allow you to solve each scene. His beginnings were in the world of comics and it seems that there is good management of the situation, that game where you know where to stop time for the action to freeze and look like you are tracing one frame of the film.

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