Joshua Budich (1977)

Joshua Budich was born in 1977. He lives in Baltimore, Maryland, United States. He is a freelance artist, illustrator and kick-ass designer.

Vincent Rhafael Aseo

Vincent Rhafael a.k.a ASEO is an illustrator and designer based in Makati, Phillippines. He started his career as a designer in BoNa Coffee Company and its divisions Sujivana, Onyx Web Wizards and Freespeech Publications. He then focused on web design in 2009 where he worked for various companies and real estate firms, however his passion in the art of vector graphics led to his illustration career in the dawn of 2010. Since then, he has been featured in various art sites & multiple magazines such as Advanced Photoshop (Germany/UK), Oracoms The Book of Creations (France) and The Imperial College of London Magazine. Currently he is part of Shadowness.coms mod team as Vector CV. of the admins of Vector X Vexel PH.

Dani Vendrell Oduber "Vandrell"

Daniel Vendrell Oduber was born in Barcelona, Spain, He studies in  Escuela de Comic Joso and loves the realistic erotic art comics, pin-up manga's and 80's. Most of his work is done on Mac, but his portraits seem to have the texture and palette of traditional painting.

James Gurney (1958)

James Gurney was born in Glendale, California, United States in 1958. He is an artist and author best known for his illustrated book series Dinotopia, which is presented in the form of a 19th century explorer’s journal from an island utopia cohabited by humans and dinosaurs.
Gurney's freelance illustration career began in the 1980s, during which time he developed his characteristic realistic renderings of fantastic scenes, painted in oil using methods similar to the academic realists and Golden Age illustrators. He painted more than 70 covers for science fiction and fantasy paperback novels, and he created several stamp designs for the US Postal Service, most notably The World of Dinosaurs in 1996.

Ilya Yefimovich Repin (1844 - 1930)

Ilya Yefimovich Repin was born in Chuguyev, Russia, in 1844. He was a realist painter and the most renowned Russian artist of the 19th century. He played a major role in bringing Russian art into the mainstream of European culture. Repin persistently searched for new techniques and content to give his work more fulness and depth. His method was the reverse of impressionism. He produced works slowly and carefully. They were the result of close and detailed study. With some of his paintings, he made one hundred or more preliminary sketches.