Anton Fadeev aka "Shant" (1985)

Anton Fadeev "Shant" was born in Kamchatka, Russia, in 1985. He is a concept artist now working for video game industry.

Steve Smith (1975)

Steve Smith was born in England in 1975. He is self taught, with no formal art training. The images he paints are snapshots of a dream reality, a form of escapism through vivid, luscious colour and fantastical recollection, permeated with an overwhelming sense of personal nostalgia.
Steve's work has sold worldwide, and has also been used for album artwork, international advertising, and has featured in both national and international press.

Kal Gajoum (1968)

Kal Gajoum was born in Tripoli, Libya in 1968. He moved to Paris to learn watercolour techniques and the Parisian style of painting from a private artist. In Malta he spent his time as a professional artist where he spent seven years working for the Royal Fine Art Gallery, in 2000 Kal found himself in Britain where he ran the Center Of Britain Art Gallery and in 2003 Kal immigrated to Canada where he now resides in British Columbia, Quebec and France.