Juan Giménez López (1943)

Juan Giménez López was born in Mendoza, Argentina, in 1943. Fascinated since childhood by the drawing, he began imitating comics and Hispanic and Spanish books covers. Later he dedicated to drawing sequences of movies he liked, and even play them in clay. So he learned to draw narrative sequences. He completed his training studying Industrial Design.
He worked in several Argentine advertising agencies, learning to synthesize the narrative to the millimeter. In 1976, he performs the cartoo war omic As The Pique (Ace of Spades) with writer Ricardo Barreiro.
In the late seventies he moved to Europe, starting to draw cartoons for publishers. In 1979 published his first color album Estrella Negra (Blak Star). Then published Basura, Cuestión de Tiempo (Rubbish, Question of Time), whose script he also wrote, El Cuarto Poder (The Fourth Power), Leo Roa and  Juego Eterno (Eternal Game).
Currently he's living in Sitges (Spain) and collaborates with Alejandro Jodorowsky in the series La Casta de los Metabarones (The Caste of the Metabarons) (Jodorowsky is the writer), and a short film in preproduction.

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